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The Isles Of Onmyō Wipe Announcement

Posted: Fri May 11, 2018 6:10 am
by WontonGod
Hello everyone & welcome to SG's new wipe!

We have appreciated your patience over the past few months as we've taken the time to do things the right way rather than rushing out another wipe for the sake of it. We know the wait has been considerable however I'm sure that you'll all be pleased with the changes that have been made and direction the game is headed in. The server will be playable within the next day so there's no better time to run you over some of the initial changes that are coming at the start of wipe.

Aside from a whole new map and a heap of new clans you can expect these things at the start of wipe with much more on the way...

  • Commitment to Development
  • The Story & New Clans
  • Realistic Age Progression
  • Points Of Contest
  • The New Death Reward System
  • Change to Progression.
Commitment to Development

Our staff and development team have been working hard on many updates that are going to be coming to Shinobi Gaiden. From quality of life updates, icons/artwork and maps that will change the entire look of the game to entire new systems that will completely change the way certain aspects of the game work. Some of these systems are already in the game right now however many are still on the way and should be implemented in the future. Over the course of this wipe and the ones to follow we'll be improving the game constantly in order to provide all of you in the playerbase with not only a better experience but a unique one. It's our goal to make Shinobi Gaiden it's own and improve upon the foundation that previous devlopers left us with.

The new DR system has been added to the game and will be updated as we progress, you can read more about it down below. There's currently a new website in development that should make the application process much easier on both the playerbase and the staff team, meaning faster application times and less of a hassle. With the website on it's way we've also moved over to these new forums, as you can see!

Our team has only just started with improving the game and we hope you'll enjoy what's to come.
The Story & New Clans

Rather than have a typical story that involves the usual nations and villages of the Naruto universe we decided to do something different this wipe. It's been our goal to make things fresh and exciting whilst avoiding the stale setting that many NRP games default to. Naki has written up an extended lore post that I encourage all of you to read before playing in order to get an idea of where the world is at and what your characters will be experiencing.
Link: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=17

You will all have noticed the absence of the usual Naruto clans at the beginning of this wipe. Don't worry, there will be Senju, Uchiha, Hoshigaki and all the clans you are used to entering the wipe at a later point in time through the new Death Reward system and events. For the beginning we wanted to set the foundation of the wipe with a fresh set of clans that aren't as commonly used. Our reasoning behind this is simply to do something different and interesting, the reason behind choosing many of the clans that we did is what they bring to the overall story.

Invidual clan lores can be found here: Ihaigakure Clans / Shimogakure Clans
Realistic Age Progression

Until your character reaches the age of 16 and is recognized as an adult by the village and part of the military within it you're unable to learn B rank's or higher, this includes passing examinations to be recognized as an adult/full fledged soldier of your village. They would not have the natural ability yet outside of a few special cases that the team will review when the time comes. Not only that but the training required for such things would not be available to those who are below the age where the military would accept them into harsher training.

Point is, there will not be 30 characters at the age of 13 who are at Itachi levels of skill nor people going rogue at the age of 12. None of us have ever found that to be realistic or immersive in the slightest, so the child soldier memes come to an end here.

If you find in-character means to learn such techniques and advance much further at an earlier age your case will be reviewed fairly. Perhaps you find an extremely powerful teacher or other means to obtain power. If your in-character is both plausible and realistic you'll be approved, we're not here to limit your roleplay.

As far as rogues are concerned unless you have a realistic reason you won't be permitted to go rogue under the age of 15 without your progression being substantially slowed. If you have the reasoning for it your progression will not be binded to the military/teaching of your respective village and you'll be able to progress via your own training and battle.
Points Of Contest

This wipe will bring many interesting events to the world and give all of you many things to do on the side of your current in-character. Events have always been a big part of wipes, providing the playerbase with something to do on slower days, late at night or whenever the time arises where one is appropriate. We wanted to include a new element to the servers events this wipe that was not only fresh but also left an impact on the world. Regular events that are part of the overall story are much better than spontaneous ones that include mostly expendable event characters.

We understand that the previous wipes war format was fun for some however got stale every quickly. It felt forced and as if it was happening simply for the sake of happening. This is something we’ve made it a priority to avoid given the negative impact it had on organic storytelling last time around. The removal of such restrictions and events being more free-flowing will change things dramatically.

This time around there are going to be what we’re calling ‘Points Of Contest’. Despite what you may be thinking these are not over territory (which will not be a thing this wipe) but are in fact over resources and specific things that villages and organisations can benefit from. The new lore has stated that at this point in the story many individuals and groups, many of which are made up of shinobi, have made their way to the island for their own reasons. Some have arrived to teach villages, others to take from them and some to gain riches through selling what they have made or found.

Some coming to the island will be bringing weapons, artifacts and other valuables that villages, individuals or groups can greatly benefit from. Some of the regular events this wipe will be centred around ambushing the transportation of weaponry via carriages across various points of the map, contesting key area’s where boats are able to dock to deliver resources and even ambushing deals set up between foreign shinobi and those on the island for the trade of scrolls and forbidden items. These points of contest will pop up all over the map randomly.

All of these events will be entirely optional and benefit the story. If you’d prefer to stick to other in-character matters you’re able to do so, however those seeking to gain from such events will be free to do so as well.

There will still be regular events and impactful story ones as well.
The New Death Reward System

We've been aware for some time that the death reward system has been in a huge mess. Often, people were not happy with their death rewards or felt because of their relationship with the admin team; they were treated differently or more importantly, wrongly during their death reward. So, we've come up with a solid idea of how to get around this; which is the introduction of a death reward shop. A Shop which is filled with potential Death Rewards, along with pricing from a new form of points called Death Point. These are an invisible figure which you will not get to see or know about until you are within the deathbox. Administrators will however, inform you during your log checks whether or not several death points were added, however you will be unaware of how many were added.

Your Death Points will save across multiple characters. If you're killed and feel like there's nothing you deserve available to you, you can choose to make a new character and save up your death points over that one as well to add them to the current ones you have. You can save them over as many characters as you like as they're tied to your BYOND key so that you can spend them all at once later on a much stronger dr.

Right now, the shop is not currently avaliable to be used. However, we have put in a seperate system for this, before it is made fully automated. Once you are in the deathbox, you must request an admin to show you your death points. Once you have seen how many you have managed to rack up, you'll be sent towards a pricing guide. Where you can buy whatever you wish, provided you have the points for it. This means, the longer the wipe goes on, the stronger in general the Death reward characters are getting, in a progressive manner. You will notice, that some of the basic clans are also in the death reward shop; this is so that there is the possibility of playing a 'hybrid' child. The perks which you purchase with your death points, do not cost you any progression points OR Specilization points. So the further in the wipe we go, the more diverse characters will be popping up that have traits from multiple clans and mixed abilities, with larger more varied skillsets. Meaning we're going to have a lot of fun with this.

A full shop price listing will be up soon enough, for now here are some examples...

Yuki Clan - 10 Death Points
Sarutobi Clan - 10 Death Points
Personal Summon - 10 Death Points

Mixing two Common Clans - 20 Death Points
Kaguya Clan - 20 Death Points

Hoshigaki Clan - 30 Death Points
Uchiha Clan - 30 Death Points
Jashinist - 30 Death Points
Paper Release - 30 Death Points

Ultra Rares will be listed later, there is a list with dozens of choices in all four categories (Common/Semi-Rare/Rare/Ultra Rare.).
Changes to Progression

Progression Points

Starting PP is set at 25 for players, 100 for starters (Starters do NOT get daily pp). Daily PP is set at 2 points a day, under 150 and 1 a day, above 150.

Slowed Progression Based On Age
For the Common question on age, the story has been designed around the player-base on being older than normal, with the promotion and coming of age ceremony occuring at the age of 16. I also mentioned above that changes are being made for realistic age progression. If you do make below the age of 12, expect slower PP gain and log checks.

Log Checks
Log checks will be set at a flat amount each week for active players and base stats progress as per usual. You can P-log for the usual locked Perks and Jutsu, whereas we do not have the guarantee that you will get a perk for playing every three weeks we do have something new in, that we titled Shounen Points. These are the points used to purchase and buy your Semi's and Uniques as well as what determine your DR's as upon death they transfer into Death Points that are cumulative throughout your multiple lives. They are earned by being an impactful player. You'll be able to get them for participating in events, influencing the story and world at large, saving and protecting allies, capturing or killing enemies, as well as for important player deaths.

These Shounen points will be used for the purchase of uniques and such, if they aren't used they go straight to your death points for your next DR. UNSPENT SP transfers to DOUBLE DP.

The new system is geared towards DRs setting up your starting point and allowing for mixing of clans, bringing in the older clans you are all used to, or various Kinjutsu or KKG to start with. P-logs have been designed for the powerful techniques that we would like to be developed and created ICly rather than having them be introduced by a Dr. This includes techniques such as Rasengan, Chidori, or semi's like Kage Bunshin.
Moving Forward
We hope you're all excited about this wipe and what's to come, we've made it our goal to continually improve the game from here on out. Have fun with your character and the stories you're going to develop. Remember that there have been major changes to the staff team and we're all available via forum message or discord DM if you need assistance. Looking forward to see you all in game, and as my predecessor said, this is your story. Let's see what the next turn of the page brings.

- Wonton.