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Shimura Clan

Posted: Thu May 10, 2018 10:45 pm
by Fremie
Clan Name: 志村, Shimura Ichizoku
Location: Shimogakure no Sato
Specialization: Ninjustu
Elements: Fuuton
Origins ― The Shimura clan are the noble clan within Shimogakure, acting as support for the Yuki clan in ensuring that the nation remains vigilant and united in it's effort to survive the conditions that they live in. They are proud of their nation and it's efforts to come together to ensure they have a brighter future, living and breathing that unity and code in their day to day lives. Those from the Shimura clan are excellent warriors, many genius fighters and capable shinobi being produced by their people. They are the enforcers and leaders second to the Yuki clan, making sure that day to day operations are always running smoothly and that in the absence of the Yuki clans captains they make sure any emergencies are handled correctly. The Shimura clan are battle hardened yet kind at heart, typically wanting only the best for those within Shimogakure.

Ability Description: The Shimura clan control over the wind's they produce would be so immense, it would put a blizzard showing the lands of Shimogakure to shame. Members of this clan are naturally born with the ability to use Fuuton, no matter how basic the technique is the Shimura are capable of turning it into something more deadlier with their control over it. This clan would be ideal for dealing with those who wield raiton and are members of the Iburi clan if they were to come across them.

The Shimura are also known to fight against their weakness on even terms, being able to snuff out their techniques in an instant and retaliate with their violent Fuuton techniques however only veteran members of this clan could be capable of something so difficult.

Drawbacks: This clan possesses a weakness to fire techniques versus their own Fuuton techniques, under a special case a Shimura is capable of overcoming that weakness.