[05/16/2018] Changelog #4

Updates and changes regarding the servers development can be found here.
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[05/16/2018] Changelog #4

Post by Naki » Wed May 16, 2018 12:10 pm

Changelog #4
Server Updates & Changes
• C rank jutsu requirements adjusted.
• Sarutobi clan perk icons completed.
• Map bug fixes.
• Shimogakure 'spa houses' now have interiors.
• Ihaigakure map features added for future events.
• Needles of Death updated to have an actual effect.

Community Updates & Changes
• May 25th confirmed as the date for our first log checks.
• We're now taking applications for the Iburi Clan starter position.
• New Event Masters have been added. (Applications are still open).
• Added clarification to several Guides including cores.
• Altered base ranges for throwing weapons and jutsu, add default hand seals to jutsu without.

Notes from staff: Come our first log check on the 25th of May the server should be running smoothly and free of bugs. We've continued to work on the save wipe issue and it's close to being completely fixed. Do not log off UNLESS you are logged into that characters key on the hub, make sure you're on the same key for both the game and your hub and you SHOULD be fine. If you do lose your save remember NOT to remake until you GM help so an admin can confirm you have lost it.

Map travel will be opened up very soon & updates to the games graphics/icons are on the way. For now we're smoothing out the major bugs we've found before implementing specific updates & new features.

We understand that sometimes it can be frustrating when things don't launch smoothly, however we appreciate your understanding and it's been a great first few days so far. We've already hit 100 players this week which is great news, we hope you're all enjoying things.

As always, our discord DMs and private messages on these forums are open if you have any issues.