[05/13/2018] Changelog #2

Updates and changes regarding the servers development can be found here.
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[05/13/2018] Changelog #2

Post by Naki » Sun May 13, 2018 9:20 am

Changelog #2
Server Updates & Changes
• D rank genjutsu now requires Yin initiate, to match the other specs D ranks requiring their version of Proficiency I
• Will perk numbers normalized, reducing some of the more rp flavor perks, as well as raising the stronger ones.
• The Fuuma perks bullseye and Chakra Strings have been swapped, with Bullseye now being an ult and Chakra strings being a normal clan perk.
• Senbon changes: "[Thrown] [Damage: Speed minus four steps, caps at D] [Speed: User’s strength or agility +2 steps, caps at B]"
• Shuriken changes: "[Thrown] [Damage: Speed minus one grade, caps at C-] [Speed: User’s Strength+1, caps at B-]"
• Kunai changes: "[Meele] Damage is the user’s strength, capping at C [This requires 'Knife Fighter' to apply Combat Prof. perk boosts. [Thrown] [Damage: Speed, caps at C] [Speed: User’s strength, caps at B]"

Community Updates & Changes
• Event Master applications reopened.

Forum Updates & Changes
• Development To Do List forum updates - Approved Suggestions and Bug Reports now being forwarded there upon approval.

Staff Team Notes:
• We're aware of the blackscreen bug, please DM Megasnail with details if you get it as he is working on isolating the source of the issue.
• A patch is almost ready to fix various bugs on the map.